Sunday, November 04, 2007

Eli's Challenge

Hi everyone.
About 2,000 words today. Anyone else work on this nice Sunday or were you smart enough to take a blasted day off? How's it going?


Alice Sharpe said...

Oh, man. Am I the only one with no life?

Paty Jager said...

Hi Alice!

I didn't do any writing on Sunday. We were driving nearly all day as the couple my dh is going elk hunting with took us to see where they camp so I can go up there for Thanksgiving. Anyway on the 3.5 hour drive there and back, I managed to get a lot of editing done! Thinking I can get more writing done, but I have two daughters and four grandkids here this week, so I'll be lucky to keep my blog updated and pop in here at least once a day.

It's good you are writing like you are. That will be me as soon as all my company leaves and my dh goes hunting!

Alice Sharpe said...

Paty -- I wish I could read in the car but I can't. Good you could get some editing done. You're going to so anxious to get back to writing, the keyboard will smoke!

I have company here later this week, as well. I'm worried about writing a buffer for myself so I don't spend three days resenting the time. Makes it hard to be a good hostess.

Lisa Pulliam said...

Nice job Alice!! I haven't written for days, but hopefully today. I'm behind. I'm hoping to finish the 1st draft by our goal, so I can take a week or two off for Christmas. Then get back to it with a clear head and edit, edit, edit.

Karen Duvall said...

2618 words for Sunday. Woo hoo! 8^)

Elisabeth Naughton said...

1000 words for me on Monday. I did some editing - adding, etc. as well - but I didn't count that. I'm slowly getting back into my story and hoping to kick butt (like Alice & Karen!) soon.