Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Ugh, the nightmare of posting a blog is once again upon me so, here goes...

Yesterday, I was perusing some of my preferred author's websites to check out what's new in their writing lives and find out what they have on their "recommended reads" lists.

This got me to thinking. (Yeah, scary concept, me thinkin' and all.)

Anyway, what I started to think about is...

How does one open their reading horizons and try new authors or genres? Do they go to their favorite authors and see what they recommend, like I do, or do people talk to friends about it? Perhaps a bookseller shares their ideas, or even a librarian.

For so long, my reading diet was of one genre, only. I supped upon Regency romance till stuffed. It grieved me to find myself full, yet unsatisfied in my voracious appetite to read. Then one day I whiffed the tantalizing scent of YA books, took a nibble, and found myself snacking on this delightful new flavor, too.

Now, I no longer gorge myself on any one genre; instead, I gnaw here and there on the lighter sides of paranormal, romantic suspense, and even science fiction. This new variety of flavors is very enjoyable.

So tell me, how or what do you do to broaden your reading scope?

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