Thursday, October 11, 2007


This is a watershed week for me. I've finished several large projects and have promised myself that I won't take on anything new between now and the first of the year. Instead, I will focus on shaping up my house and yard, finishing a promotion plan for the books that will be released in the next eighteen months, and enjoying the holidays with family and doggies. All with the goal of slowing down the frantic pace of my life the last few months without losing the productivity I've gained.

My first step is to do a thorough cleaning and take stock of what needs to be done. This includes paperwork and filing that have been accumulating for months. I'm also going back on a fitness plan for me and returning to the healthy habits that have slipped as I've pushed myself to get other things done. And my doggies need some individual play time with me. Yes, this is slowing down!

Just looking forward to this change in lifestyle has given me new energy. Since it's now almost 2:30 in the morning, one thing I'm obviously still not doing well is getting to bed at a decent time. I'm going to change that too!

I'm also not going to push myself to do a lot of writing, though I have another manuscript that's itching to be finished. I'll just have to see how that unfolds!

All this has come about as I've realized it's OK for the different pieces of my life to have an ebb and flow. Sometimes I focus on writing and promotion -- as I will after the first of the year. Sometimes home and family and doggies, as I plan to in the next few months. Some times other pieces.

How about you? Have you ever felt the need to slow down? If so, how did you go about it?


Paty Jager said...

Ack! I would love to slow down now, but it isn't going to happen until- hopefully- November gets here.

I'm not sure "slow down" is in my vocabulary. I am feeling torn between writing, editing, promotion, and family responsibilities at the moment. They are all important and need attention. But I do shut off the computer by 8 pm and sit and relax with my dh. And I don't usually get on the computer on Sunday the one day he is home and we do a week's worth of work in one day! LOL Unless, I know I have a busy Monday coming up and won't get my blog and if it's my turn the chapter blog done unless I work on them Sunday night.

How to slow down- nope not in my vocab yet!

I'm glad to hear you are taking the time to relax and letting go of some things that have kept you tied in knots.

Enjoy the holidays!

Alice Sharpe said...

Genene -- Good for you for letting go of new projects and finishing off the old ones. Saying no is so hard for so many people.

I don't feel rushed right now which is stupid because baby, I need to get a move on, but I know it will come. Eventually, there will be three or four things to do in the same moment. But I have carved out a very peaceful little slice of the world for myself in the last few years and I don't know if that's good or not. I have a feeling most of us embrace the kind of life and decibel level we need to thrive. But shaking things up can be good, too, so I don't know.

I did get tired of living out of a laundry basket because I had no room in my drawers for clothes I actually wear. To fix this, I heartlessly tore old clothes from the drawers and the closet rack, you know the ones, they're either worn to bits or don't fit or have some other "issue" and I dumped them on the spare bed. That's stop one, kind of like leftovers you can't throw away so you put them in a bowl and set them in the fridge. Next day they go to the back of the shelf and eventually get shifted down through the fridge and then into the garbage when at last disposing of them becomes a matter of health safety and not waste.... I digress.

Good luck sticking to your sloooowwiinnggg down. Sounds as if the dogs are going to love it.

Karen Duvall said...

Genene, the need to slow down and the ability to do it are often contradictory to each other. You and I are in the same business, and you know how that is. Day to day, it's never the same, so trying to schedule anything is a real challenge. It's hard to slow down when you need to keep up the workflow to stay solvent.

I just completed a big project and have some breathing room, but it's temporary. I need to plan for 3 more big projects that will start right around the first of the year and consume a major chunk of my time. So I'm trying to take advantage of this downtime to get some writing done.

I really do try to keep my stress levels down, so I make it a point to go to the gym 4 to 5 times a week, and that's "my" time. I work out hard for the first half hour, then do what I call "cardio light" for the second half hour. That's done on the stairmaster and stationary bike where I can read. 8^) It's a good schedule and really helps me feel like I've slowed down my hectic work life to allow time for my recreational life. Ahhh. And, of course, the big reward is to sink into the gym's jacuzzi after an hour of fat burning. So I think your plan to resume a fitness routine is really going to help in your slowdown goals.

I try to punch out before 5, walk the dog, then start dinner before hubby gets home. This schedule also helps me to slow down. Weekends are iffy. I often have to work on the weekends because I end up putting work off to have my daily downtime, and so I have to make it up somehow.

If I'm too wired and stressed out, I can't be creative, which is what my job(s) demand.

Good luck with your slow down efforts. 8^)

Anonymous said...

Genene-- It's great to hear that you're going to slow down and let go of somethings while implementing other ones. Good for you! You deserve the break; however, you're slow down list looks a little daunting you crazy girl! LOL

When I feel the need to slow down I try to get the most pressing things wrapped up, and then I take a break by reading for a few days. This usually does it for me and I feel much healthier mentally and physically. I've noticed that when I get too over-whelmed my body lets me know by getting sick and knocking me on my keister for a few days. ;) Not good.

Again, I'm really happy to hear about your plans. :) Have fun!

Elisabeth Naughton said...

I'm in awe of you slowing down. If I didn't feel so unproductive, I'd join you. :)

Exercise always helps me deal with the stresses of daily life. If I don't get my workout in, I'm a bear to live with.