Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Let's Talk About Virgin Heroes

To quote Magnum P.I. "I know what you're thinking..."


You're thinking... Sheeyeah. Right. Virgin Heroes?

But let's ponder this idea for a bit; shall we?

How sexy or romantic is this concept of the Virgin Hero?

For me, it's very sexy. Let me explain...

In my opinion, a boy who grows into a man and waits for the right woman is uber-romantic. I love the idea of a man who doesn't just go for anything because it's the modern thing to do or because he feels pressure from his hormones, friends, whatever, and it's just too overwhelming, so he loses his control and beds woman after woman, trying to conquer that elusive satisfaction that only comes with a true love relationship with the right woman. I don't view a hero that gets his jollies as often as he wishes with any woman he chooses as sexy and irresistible, but rather, weak and inadequate. (Now remember, these are my opinions.) ;)

For a man to resist his natural urges and gain mastery over himself shows a rare quality and strength for the male species. And it's so romantically sexy to me because it may also mean that he's conquered other stupid male traits that get in the way of being a great man who's not only physically strong, but mentally and spiritually too, all before he's lying on his death bed as an old man who wasted his life in pursuits that left him neglectful and ineffectual in his role as husband and father.

Wow, that last sentence was an eyeful! And yes, I'm well aware what my high school english teacher would have done to that sentence, but she's not here, so thwpppttt on her red pen!

Okay blogsters, take some time and really ponder the following questions so you can give your true opinion and not one that you think the world expects, but what you really think deep in your own heart. Your answers won't mean you should or have to change how you write your heroes. Nope, nope, nope. I simply want you to get past what society tell us and what your head might tell you, and I want you to listen with your gut and your heart to the answers.

Ready? Go...

1. What do you think about Virgin Heroes?

2. Do you like to read about them? Or have you ever even had a chance to read about one? If not, would you like to, just to have the experience, once? *big grin*

3. Could you write one? If no, why not?

4. Is this concept sexy to you, or ridiculous?


Paty Jager said...

Wow, Piper this is so timely! I was going to ask you ladies on the retreat what you thought of my next hero being taught what a woman likes by the heroine.

My hero in Miner in Petticoats, is thirty-two, the oldest of five brothers and has been the caretaker of them for fifteen years. The heroine is a woman who has known love from her first husband and was abused by her second. But she knows what making love is all about. Whereas my hero has maybe bedded a prostitute a couple of times and has no clue how to pleasure a woman. So my plan in my book is to have the first love scene with him being all about him and her showing him how it's really done.

So I don't have a problem with a hero being a virgin or close to a virgin. But I kind of need him to have visited a brothel because in his mind he will never marry, so he isn't saving himself for a woman he would love and marry, because he doesn't see that in his cards.

So to answer your questions:\

1. What do you think about Virgin Heroes? I don't mind them since my husband was a virgin when we met.

2. Do you like to read about them? Or have you ever even had a chance to read about one? If not, would you like to, just to have the experience, once? *big grin* I don't know if I've ever read a book with a virgin hero. Heroine yes, all the time in historical, but a male...

3. Could you write one? If no, why not? I am sort of.

4. Is this concept sexy to you, or ridiculous? I think if the author gives the hero the right motivation and sets it up right, it can be very sexy.
Go for it, Piper!

Paty Jager said...

PS: Thanks for the great pic of Tom Selleck. I used to sit and drool while watching his show! LOL

Anonymous said...

Paty-- Thanks for your great comments and your idea for your hero and heroine is fantastic. It's reality in a situation like you've set up and I think it's going to be a hoot to read!

Glad to share that picture of Tom Selleck; I used to drool over him when he played Magnum P.I. too. He's so adorable!!

Karen Duvall said...

Ooh, great concept, Piper! Hmm... I've never read a romance with a virgin hero, but in the movie Joe Black, Brad Pit plays one. Can you believe it? He made me a believer. Grrrr-owl. Very nice.

The movie Star Man is another example.

What makes this concept so intriguing is that when a man ends his virginity, it's all about pleasure. When a woman loses hers, well, not so much, at least at first. So you'd be playing with a whole new set of rules.

Talk about vulnerability. Especially if the guy is an uber-alpha type. The very act of sexual intercourse, especially for a man since his, uh, performance is at issue, is a very basic instinct and therefore breaks down any walls the male character may have erected (pardon the pun) prior to consummation. He's experiencing feelings he's never encountered before, so the scene is ripe for surprises.

Yeah, I'd strongly consider writing a male virgin into a story. But getting the backstory to fit would be difficult. Men have that primal instinct to procreate and virginity beyond a certain age would be perceived as a rarity. (So Paty, I'm shocked your DH was a virgin when you met him. Wow!)

Karen Duvall said...

Actually, I do feature virgin male characters in the book I'm doing now. Angels sacrificed their virginity to mate with female knights during the Crusade wars of the 11th century to conceive children with special gifts that help in the fight against evil. Unfortunately, this sacrifice turns these angels into "The Fallen," and they're relegated to the same class as demons. Very sad. But oh so heroic. 8^) It's backstory, though. It's the reason behind my heroine's abilities.

Elisabeth Naughton said...

I think it's an interesting idea. A twist on a common character point (virginity). JR Ward wrote one of her vamps as a virgin - he'd been sexually abused and his aversion to sex totally worked. It was my favorite of her vamp series, so yes, I did like it.

Never written one. Don't know if I will, but I never say never.

Anonymous said...

Karen-- Oh my heck! I loved the movie Meet Joe Black. Brad Pitt should have won some sort of award for his part in that love scene. It was amazing!

So, your sacrificial angels concept is interesting. You're speaking of Chalis's (sp) story?

Thanks for your fun comments!

Anonymous said...

Eli-- Never saying never is a great idea. ;)

Genene said...

As others have said: this is definitely an interesting concept.

I'm not sure that I've ever read a story with a virgin hero. That's probably a sad commentary on our culture, isn't it?

Would I write such a story? Hmm... maybe. It would probably be a fantasy or futuristic in a very different culture, kinda like Karen's angel concept. I'm not sure a virgin hero would be believable in the type of contemporaries I'm currently writing.

Wouldn't it be cool if you started an entirely new subgenre, Piper?

Anonymous said...

Genene-- LOL, I'm not going to start anything!

Stephenie Meyers writes the most appealing Virgin Hero in her Twilight series character Edward Cullen.

All the young female YA readers and a few of us older chicks are in LOVE with Edward.

I love the concept. I thinks it's amazing that she's done this and it's impressed me so much that I'd love to attempt the same thing.

Like Paty's dh, my dh was untouched too. This part of our relationship is dear to me. I love this about him and his integrity. Not to say that men who don't wait don't have integrity, but my dh was taught differently than most males while he was growing up and so he waited. It's so precious to me that he shared his gift with me. And it's been a very nice gift for over 18 years. LOL

Anyway, I'm just enthralled by this idea for a hero right now.

Thanks for your comments!

Danita Cahill said...

There is the movie the 40-year-old virgin which put this subject on the map.

Other than that movie, though, I can't think of another book or movie I've seen where the hero is completly inexperienced. I like the idea though. I've always thought it was unrealistic for a man to want a virgin if he wasn't one himself.

And as a long-standing Tom Seleck fan, I LOVE the photo you chose to illustrate your point. Although I have my doubts about his virginity. Ha!

Stephe said...

1. Sexy, sexy, sex-AY, baby. What a turn-ON. That's what I think.

2. I had the chance to read about one a long time ago, in a contemporary bodyguard/target "Watch Over Me" kind of book, very well written, compelling characters, but can't remember the title because of my memory (a medical thing). The Virgin Hero was in his 30s, and was denying himself that ultimate pleasure to pay a penance for something really bad that he'd done. So you know that near the end, when the heroine got him to give THAT up... good googly moogly! I thought I was going to have to hose myself off.

3. I accidentally wrote one once, and didn't realize he was a virgin until he ended up in bed with and in love with someone he hadn't expected... but he was a minor character, so I didn't get to explore it much. I will definitely write myself a Virgin Hero who carries an entire book one day.

4. Refer to Numero Uno above.

Great post!