Saturday, October 20, 2007

Eli's Challenge

As often as I cup my ear and listen into the wind, I cannot hear many victorious cries echoing the mantra, "1000 words today or else!"

I am getting my 1,000 words in, so I am going to brag about it a little and ask the rest of you if you have been so busy writing you haven't had time to report.

1,095 yesterday, a little more the day before, but they were rewriting words. Rewriting counts! That's what books are. Pages and pages of rewriting. Actually, the words were words written within, you know, additional words that don't go forward but expand and enrich what is already there.

My goal for today is to get twice that many. How is everybody else doing and this means you, too, Eli, you slacker. Enough of the "I have a cold (and it's your fault.)" excuse. Karen? Lisa? Everyone?

Let's re-dedicate! Let's bug Eli enough that she takes up her own challenge again. Let's be all that we can be. Let's not think of excuses why not and concentrate on why.

Cheerleading over.


Karen Duvall said...

Hey, Alice, I'm making my goal for the most part. I didn't do well yesterday and don't really have an excuse except for work. My husband's been home with the flu since early Tuesday and that kind of affected my routine a little. He's a good patient, though he does moan a lot.

I've been posting my daily wordcounts on my blog. So if anyone ever wants to see how I'm doing you can check it out at

I've recently resumed posting at the forums on Romance Divas. Last night I dropped into the chat room and there was a group of writers there having a writing challenge. They let me join in and all it was was to see how many words you could write on your wip in 20 minutes. I got the majority of my word goal done during that challenge, lol! I'm going to join them again tonight. 8^)

I'm currently at 21% of my goal of 100,000 words.

Alice Sharpe said...

Karen-- How cool is all that! I love the challenge the Romance Divas had going. What an idea. I may just set my own little alarm here and see what I get.

Thanks for checking in here as well as your own blog. You're an inspiration (and don't think I don't know how time consuming moaning spouses and other work commitments can be.)

Elisabeth Naughton said...

Grumble, grumble.

Okay, 1455 so far today. Hoping to write some more tonight to make up for being - as Alice put it - a slacker this week because I was sick. (Geez, cut me some slack here, would you?) While I'm adding words though, I think they're all garbage and may end up being cut but for now I'll leave the scene. Progress is progress, isn't it?

Alice Sharpe said...

Yes, I believe progress is progress.

Good for you. You're ahead of me so far today but I think I'm where things are going to sail for a few pages. I've been rewriting again but it looks like new material ahead! Yea!

Glad you are feeling better, Eli. (And it was nice of not to mention how long my cold took me out.)

Alice Sharpe said...

2117 words and I'm ready to quit.

Who knew someone would try to run Brady down? Whacko.

Karen Duvall said...

Great progress, ladies. 8^) I'm at about 1100 words for today. I may write more tonight when I participate in the Diva's challenge, lol. But I'm feelin' pretty tired right now and not sure I have the energy to return to the story world I've created tonight.

Alice, it looks like you made some interesting discoveries about your hero. Hmm... Today I've learned my heroine is having issues with bigotry, but she's in denial. And it's not a race of humans she's prejudiced against, but the supernatural races. Quite an eye-opener.

Alice Sharpe said...

Karen -- Yes, I found out things but they were plot things. You found character things. I love those...

Genene said...

I didn't jump on Eli's challenge because I intend to sloooooow down until after the first of the year.

However, if rewrites count and I'm doing final, final edits on my manuscript to be released in May 2008, I've edited a whole lotta words in the last two days!

Yeah, I know, that doesn't count.

Glad to hear those of you who have been sick are feeling better. And it's really nice not to feel guilty for not working on a new story at the moment. For those of you making such great progress, keep it up! That means lots more great stories to read!

Danita Cahill said...

I blogged on my personal blog for the first time in months. Does that count? HA!

I am so not in the frame of mind right now to take on a writing challenge and be held accountable. No flippin' way.

Best of luck to all you other suckers though. Oops, did I write suckers out loud? Hee hee. Ha

Danita Cahill said...

Okay, Alice. It's Sunday. How the heck are you doing with your word count? Let's hear the report.