Friday, September 21, 2007

Hey? Who's Gone Missing?

Okay, I'm totally sick of seeing my blog up here. Can't someone, anyone, anyone at all, please put something interesting up here for us? :)

So, what do you all think about quotes on covers of books from authors? There's an article in this month's RWR about it.

The title is... "Those Fabulous Cover Quotes" and I'm just wondering if those quotes actually have any influence on your decision making when you go to buy a new book? I know that when I read blogs of my favorite authors and they have a "recommended reading" list, I am tempted by that list. But, as far as getting a quote for your book cover or reading a quote on a book cover of someone else's book, how does it influence you?

Hope I'm not stepping on toes here. But I'm really sick of seeing my other blog post. I mean, it's going on THREE days now!


Danita Cahill said...

Cool, you mean I'm not the only one to ever miss her blog slot? Ha!

Anonymous said...

Whew! Finally someone's blogging again! Glad to see your post. Now I'll go read it!

Danita Cahill said...

I was writing it while you grew bored and posted yours.

Barbara said...

Hi Piper, I skim the names of the authors who are quoted on the back covers of novels looking for authors I know and like. If I see someone I like, I read their quote; otherwise, I ignore the quotes. Does the author of a novel solicit these quotes, or does the publisher do that? Anyone know?

Anonymous said...

Oh Barb, great question!

I only know what I read in the September issue of RWR. The article is entitled "Those Fabulous Cover Quotes" by Janice Lynn.

As far as your question, the article said that it depends.

I'll summarize that section of the article as best I can...

Leah Hultenschmidt of Dorchester Publishing says she encourages her authors to seek their own quotes; and Brenda Chin of Harlequin has never been involved in asking for a cover quote for her authors.

However, Erica Tsang of Avon said it's usually the editor and agent who would approach other authors for their quotes, and Teresa Medeiros, best-selling author and on my personal list of favorite authors, says that most quote requests come through her agent, from her publisher, or from editors at other houses who are quite familiar with her or her work.

So, you can see that it's a mixture of answers. Who knows who's got the right of it!?

Thanks for reading the butt-in blog and commenting on it!