Monday, September 10, 2007

Challenge Check-In #5

Happy Monday, girls! Time for our check-in once again. I think we missed Sunday, but that's okay. Go ahead and tell us how you did this weekend and today.

My CP, Joan, and I were chatting last night about the challenge. She said she'd missed a couple of days and was feeling overwhelmed and behind, afraid she wouldn't be able to make up the words she'd skipped. I said to her - and will say to all of you - FORGET ABOUT IT. Start fresh. Each day is a new day. So you only made 500 words yesterday? So you had ten-thousand things going on and didn't get to sit at the computer all day long? I say simply: Who cares???? Don't let what happened yesterday impact how you write today. Don't worry about making words up. Begin again. Each day is a brand new start.

A daily word-count challenge is a lot like dieting. If you set a goal of only consuming 1500 calories for the day, and end up going over because you went to Oktoberfest and chowed on sausages and beer (see what I'm gearing up for???) and ended up snarfing down 2500 calories, would you then, the next day, try to make up for the amount you went over the day before and limit your caloric intake to a minimal 500 calories???? Of course not. It's suicide. And on a measly 500 calories one cannot expect themselves to be with-it enough to write the next NYT Bestseller.

So as with dieting, if you find your word counts aren't up to snuff or you're feeling bad about your progress so far, start fresh. Each day you start at zero. You can only go up from there.


Elisabeth Naughton said...

In case you missed my hooping and hollering from Keizer, I'll fill you in. I finished the wip on Saturday! However, the celebration was minimal as I was back to work on Sunday, plowing through the next book. I wrote 1306 words on Sunday and a minimal 1026 today. Not sure if I'll add to that total today since I need to dive back into the other book and begin edits. (Will depend on how long it takes to put the Gremlins to bed...)

How did you do???

Paty Jager said...

Congrats on "The End".

I made 1660 on Sunday and today I punched out 1951.

Not sure what I'll get done tomorrow, I'm headed to Bend to try and set up a book signing for PGN in either November or December. And it seems like any time I go to Bend I end up spending most of the day.

I agree, when you can't get the words in one day, just make it more of a conviction for the next day or whenever you have time to sit down and push those words onto the page.