Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Challenge Check-In #2

Okay, girls. Day 2 is over (in like, 8 minutes). How did we do?

I scraped in just under the wire. 1058 words. Met my goal, finished a scene (four more to go to the End...woohoo!) BUT, I could have written more. I blame the not-writing-more on two things. One is Lisa. Why? Because I can. LOL Okay, wait. Seriously. Lisa because she distracted me during my writing time this morning with a discussion (I know, I know, I started it) about a series we both love and for which we are both impatiently waiting for the newest book to be released. Which leads to the second reason I didn't write more - because after our discussion, I got sucked into some discussion boards on Amazon about said upcoming release and was reading book "spoilers". (This is when you know you're twisted...when you can't wait for the book and are reading "hints" as to what is going to happen in the book from people who haven't read it and who are speculating just like you are. God, I'm sick!)

So share with us. Twisted sicknesses aside. How did you do today?


Alice Sharpe said...

681. Not great, but considering what the rest of the day was like, not bad. Doing chapter three of the 2nd book proposal even though the book is out of the house and winging its way to NY.

Today I start work on the copyedits of the last book so I can get them back to my editor by the deadline. She sent me the notes yesterday. No time to drag the old feet!

If I have time to write today, I hope to make up the 319 words I didn't do yesterday and advance 1,000, that arbitrary little number that is now stuck in my brain.

(and Eli, I know what it's like to await anxiously a new book but I am just the opposite of you. I don't want to know or speculate ANYTHING lest I ruin the book for myself. I lived in a media blackout the week before the last Harry Potter book was released!)

Alice Sharpe said...

I'd read something into the no news from Wavy thing if the rest of you weren't MIA as well.....

Elisabeth Naughton said...

ROFL, Alice. I'm a glutton for punishment. And the wait is *killing* me. Though if I had that book in my hands, I wouldn't be getting my 1000 words in, so it's probably best it doesn't come out for another three weeks.

Way to go on the word count. Funny how that arbitrary number gets stuck there, eh? LOL