Monday, August 27, 2007

Writing space

I'd love to hear about everyone's writing space. I'm moving into a new place that has a second bedroom, which I'm going to use as my office. I'm pumped for it. I bought this amazing, gigantic U-shaped desk a little over a year ago when I moved into the place I'm currently leaving. I planned to turn the garage into my office since my house was tiny. Well, it was always freezing cold or stuffy hot so I never used this magnificent desk.

But not now! Now the desk has its own room. My dad and his fantastic abilities rearranged the desk making it an L-shape and it fits perfectly in the room. There's space for my writing books, notebooks, posters of Gerard Butler on the wall (inspiration people!) and lots of pink things. Oh! And my leopard print papisan chair for brainstorming ;) Not napping (it's for my dog Rufus to nap on)! I'm jazzed to have a creative haven, instead of always using my computer on my bed. I've heard that TVs and computers and the like in bedrooms are a no-no because it hurts the level of restfulness of your sleep. A bedroom shouldn't have those kind of distractions I guess.

So, I've eliminated distractions in the bedroom (hmm...that doesn't quite sound right...some distractions aren't bad! :p) and created a distraction/workspace. We'll see how this little experiment goes.

Where do you write? Do you have a room dedicated as your office or a makeshift space that changes depending on where the rest of your family is? Do you have any tips on colors or objects that spur creativity?

Also, if you have a moment, check out this site. It shows the writing spaces of lots of authors. Makes me feel better knowing I'm not the only one with a messy desk! I think Sherrilyn Kenyon's is my fave, on the last page. I WANT THAT CABINET!! I have a feeling Eli and I would go to blows over it...


Danita Cahill said...

Okay, so if I turn myself in, do I get the reward?

Yeah? Cool!!! Pay up Eli. Ha!

Big appologies for missing my blog day. I hosted bunco at my house that evening and spent all day getting ready -- cleaning, shopping, wrapping the gifts, cooking, etc...(our group does a dinner each month too) and I just simply spaced blogging.

Funny way to find out there's a bounty on my head though -- Rhonda, my SIL called to ask if my computer was broken or what, and to check out the poster of me. HaHa!

Danita Cahill said...

Now, as far as writing big L shaped computer desk is in the spare room. The desk is huge, and right now very cluttered, mostly with photo related stuff. My desk top computer is in here, and it's the only place I can go to get online. The keyboard slide out board is broken, so it is ergonomically incorrect, with my keyboard sitting way too high and is very uncomfortable to use right now.

When I'm working on a book I use my laptop at the dining room table. No internet access -- no distractions.

Congrats on your new place, Lisa. Congrats to your desk for getting its own room and congrats to your dog for having such a loving owner!!

Alice Sharpe said...

Lisa -- your space sounds lovely -- and enviable. I write in my bedroom and don't much like it. I like using the desktop. Have trouble getting creative on the laptop. Next house, I'll have my own space so my mess isn't anyone's problem but mine.

I checked out some of the offices on the site you sent the link for. Jenny Cruise's is a riot. Even I couldn't work in that much clutter though I have at times come damn close. Nice to see everyone doesn't have a perfect spot -- makes me feel a little better.

Fun blog, take a picture when you're finished or take one now and put it with the blog! Include Rufus, of course!


wavybrains said...

Neat post Lisa! Missed you at the meeting!

I love the name Rufus :)

I want to see pictures of this pink & leopard space :) I've posted links to pictures of my office before, so I won't bore you all with them again. Besides, my space is currently in flux as we play musical baby space in our house :)

But, I've decided actually that my ideal office is Virgina Wolfe's: A room with a desk, paper and nothing else. Oh, and a husband to lock me in it at my request. Some other mid-century writer used to go down to the basement of his apartment building and sit with a desk and nothing else, then ride the elevator back up at dinner time. The more I wrestle my own demons, the more I envy such stark discipline.

Karen Duvall said...

Lisa, I've visited that writers' office link in the past, but it didn't have near as many pictures as it does now. I don't recognize the names of about 90% of those authors, but I see a few friends' offices posted up there. I can't believe how disgustingly neat some people are. Sheesh. 8^)

I'm not quite as bad as Jennie Crusie, but getting closer all the time. I periodically haul away boxes of crap for the recycle bin in the garage. My office is used for both my graphic design business and my writing, so it clutters up pretty quickly. My main problem is that I have no filing system to speak of. I just bought a new lateral filing cabinet that my husband had to put together, and it currently resides in the hallway until I can make room for it in my office. Yeah, it's that bad. It's all those darn books taking up so much wall space.

I do my writing business work in my office, and my creative writing work anywhere but my office. Usually on my laptop in the living room or in my sky chair on the front porch by the fountain if it's not too hot.

Your new space sounds lovely, Lisa! There's something about any new space that inspires creativity. Have fun with it!

Elisabeth Naughton said...

Oooh. I want that cabinet!!!! Wonder if they have them on ebay...

So glad to hear you kept your desk and that you found a way to make it work!!!

As I mentioned before, we recently rearranged our downstairs and I now have a desk. Woohoo!!! I posted a picture of the old space vs. new space here: but I still do a fair amount of writing kicked back on the couch (in the same room as my desk). I long for the days when I have a real "cave" (with a door that locks), but right now, this works great for me and it's a thousand times better than what I was doing - sitting at the dining room table.

I, too, want to see a pic of your new writing room, Lisa, so get one up pronto. :)

Paty Jager said...

I've had writing spaces in my bedroom, in the alcove off the bathroom, in a spare bedroom, and now I have a loft that looks out toward the Cascade mountains.

I've had to rearrange it a couple or times and since I started doing all this promo stuff, I've added a table to tuck my boxes of books under and hold the miscellaneous items I sent out in promo packs.

Lisa, you are going to love having a space just for writing! I think it makes the creativity flow that much better. As for neat- I took a feng shui class and there were some pretty good points made about clutter, closets you're afraid to open, and empty wastebaskets in your writing space that can inhibit the creative flow.

And when do we get to see a pic of rufus???

Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa! This is sooo cool that you're getting a new, better writing space! WOO HOO

My writing space is still the same. Smack dab in the middle of the living/family room next to my dh's desk. Right in the traffic flow and noise flow. ACK!

This is the #1 reason I get very little creating done during the day. Can't wait for school to start!

Have fun with your new place! I'm so excited and happy for you!

Lisa Pulliam said...

Danita - I'll be happy to create a fake bill showing the reward ;) Unless someone else is kind enough to donate the money! I don't know though, sounds like you may need to split it with Rhonda (hi Rhonda!) I like the idea of a laptop with no internet or distractions, does that work well for you?

I often tend to work better with distractions. When I write I'll also be IMing with a couple people, listening to music and have the TV on. It's weird...

Alice, great idea! I will take a photo. Assuming I can get Rufus off my bed long enough to go into the office. That dog is the hardest working sleeper I know!

Wavy, I remember seeing pics of your office, oh probably a couple of years ago. I remember the pink!! Of course ;) That's a lot of trust in a husband, expecting him to let you out when you want lol. You're right, it would be great to have that much discipline.

Karen, I think neatness is a sickness. It's...just...wrong... ;) I'm on the messy side of the spectrum. Always. Books take priority! I hope the cabinet works for you though. Filing is a weakness of mine as well. I just turned about 12 boxes of stored papers into 1.5 boxes for the move. Amazing how much space you get back when you throw away the envelope and other stuffings that come along with utility bills!

Eli, Ebay! Ooooh great idea! I don't want to think about the shipping costs, but it will be fun to look! Years ago I saw bust lamps of Zeus and Hera at a furniture store going out of business. That's the one thing I life I definitely regret not buying. Matching his and her lamps in the bedroom! Your desk is so pretty! Is it still spotless clean? ;)

Paty, ok, I want your space. Overlooking the Cascade Mountains? Talk about inspirational! Empty wastebaskets? But what if they're pink!

Piper, aren't you supposed to turn the trailer into your writing space! That would be nice, something completely separated from the rest of the house lol. A lock on the door, your own bathroom. You could really just stay there for days! ;)

I had internet turned on in the new place yesterday, but the wireless router decided not to work. When I get it going I'll post some pics of Rufus :) He's adorable, if I do say so myself lol