Tuesday, August 28, 2007

To-Do Tuesday: Still Here!

Welcome to another edition of To-Do Tuesday! Yes, I'm still here & still pregnant, but today's theme also has deeper meaning. I was chatting with the wonderful Eli a few days ago, and we observed (yet again) that successful writers are those who figure out how they work best, become productive, and keep at it. Perseverance is such an important part of this life that we need such daily reminders from friends that staying the course IS doing something. If you're still here, still writing, thinking about writing, struggling to write, or trying to find your way, then you ARE doing something. You ARE making progress. So, if you're "still here," no matter where you are in the journey, be proud of that. Celebrate that today.

Of course, I've got our usual line-up of announcements, news, and a totally fun question of the day to reward you for "still being here."
Many MWVRWA Members Celebrate Productive Month

My in-box is tumbleweeds again, but some sleuthing has revealed that many of you are chugging away, and just not sharing! Congrats to everyone on an awesome August!
  • Elisabeth Naughton is inching closer to the end of her WIP-from-hades.
  • Jenni Gilliam is 40,000 words into her fourth WIP, and is querying agents.
  • Paty Jager continues to juggle promotion, editing, and three (3!!!) separate book projects. Talk about productive!
  • Barb Cool Lee racked up another contest final last week, finaling in the Golden Gateway Contest. I'm predicting great things for Barb's manuscript, Raven's War
  • Karen Duvall's new blog is wildly entertaining and makes you wonder why she waited so long! She's a natural at blogging.
  • How about YOU? Should you be on this list? Don't trust my shoddy detective skills! E-mail me!
Contests Need Entries

The Hot Prospects Contest is running low on entries, and this presents a GREAT opportunity even for those usually adverse to contests. They've got a terrific line-up of editors and agents for final round judges, and you've got a great shot at getting your manuscript in front of them! Not, only that, but this is one of the few RWA contests with a short-story category. Click here for more information (September 1st deadline!!).

The Southern Heat Contest is in the same boat, and they've also got a great line-up of editors as final round judges. Click here for more information (Sept. 11 deadline for electronic entries, Sept. 14 postmark deadline).

The MERWA Synopsis contest is also running low, and has extended their deadline until October 1st. This is a great chance to get feedback on your synopsis--a necessary evil, but one that goes unjudged in many contests. Click here for more information.

Susannah Offers Unique Contest For Published/Unpublished Writers

This year's Susannah Contest is another great contest for contest-haters. Published, but have an unpublished manuscript? No problem! You can enter. Have a great manuscript but suffer from multiple-genre syndrome? No problem! They've eliminated categories. Instead, the finalists will be presented to a slate of top-notch editors and agents. This is truly a fabulous opportunity to bypass slush piles and get noticed. Click here for more information (October 1st Postmark Deadline).
Question of the Day: Who do you want to be?

Several blogs have had interesting discussions lately about which heroes you'd actually marry. This made me think more about the heroines who DO get their HEA with the hero of your dreams. We've all read books where we think, "Thank the goddess I'm not her!," but the books that tend to resonate with me are the ones where I want to BE the heroine. I want her life: her family, her job, her locale, all her little quirks. I re-read the book(s) because I want to be her again and again. I started this character envy 20-odd years ago by wanting to be Laura from Little House on the Prairie and Anne from Anne of Green Gables. Who do you want to be? Which fictional heroine(s) flip on your green-eyed monster?

Share! And, remember to congratulate yourself on still being here. And keep sending me news of your progress!


Paty Jager said...

Great Tuesday Blog as always, Wavy!

There's some wonderful stuff going on with chapter members!

Wow! Who would I want to be... Well, back in the days of reading Mrs. Polifax mysteries. I wanted to be her when I grew up. Able to pick up and travel to different places, meet interesting people, and solve a mystery or two! Nothing kept her tied down.

There are times when reading the Stepahanie Plum books I want to be her! LOL You know, when she has two hunks coming on to her! Ranger and Morelli. YUM! And again she meets the most interesting people!

It will be interesting to see what others have to say.

Alice Sharpe said...

Man, I am totally uninteresting. I love the heroines Paty mentions and wouldn't mind being them for awhile, but Stephanie's life is crazy and no one can eat that much junk food and still attract those two hunks. She eats no vegetables! I would miss vegetables. And Mrs. Pollifax? I love her, and agree with Paty that she's got a great thing going, but is it for me?

The fact is that I like my life and I don't want to be anyone else! Isn't that sick? It would be nice to be prettier and smarter and all that, but I don't know, I don't think so.

No envy! Boring! I need to work on this! Maybe my trouble is I read about heroines whose lives I would never want. Hm. Something to think about.

Another great Tuesday blog, Wavy, and hopefully, I will have some news for you next week that starts with "I finally finished the two proposals--"

Dare to dream!

Elisabeth Naughton said...

Hmmm...interesting question.

I can think of a dozen or so heroes I wouldn't mind being saddled with, but honestly, I can't think of many heroines I'd want to be. Maybe that's because I "live" my heroines as I write them, and though it makes my life boring in comparison, I'd rather have my boring life. ;) It could also be that the books I read (and write) are usually life and death situations or filled with emotional angst, and while those are fun to read and lose yourself in, I'm thankful I don't live them. ;)

And thanks for the shout-out, Wavy. Hopefully next week I'll be able to say 'the ms is finished'.

wavybrains said...

Alice and Eli, I can't wait to hear your good news!

Perhaps it says something about my psyche that this phenomena also extends to TV for me. There are weeks where sure, I don't want Meredith's life on Grey's Anatomy or Lorelei's life on Gilmore Girls, but there are other times where I want to be them just to see what happens next or fix their mess or live in their universe a little while. And that to me if what good books are all about--living in that universe for a while. Even if you would never end up on a yacht with drug smugglers, a good author makes you want to be right there with the characters.

Karen Duvall said...

Thanks, Wavy, for the plug about my blog. I'm thrilled you like it! Sometimes I think it's just an effort in futility, but it's an interesting diversion. I'm having fun with it even if I'm not keeping up with it daily. Ahem.

When I first started reading Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake series, I wanted to be Anita the vampire hunter. She was so cool! Strong, aloof, beautiful, fit, self-confident, brave, and down-right interesting. Then she turned into a slut and I didn't want to be her anymore.

Now I want to be Joanne Baldwin, powerful weather warden and star of Rachel Caine's series of the same name. Hey, who wouldn't want to control the weather? Powerful stuff. And she always gets her man, David, who is some kind of man even if he is a genie. Heh. I can think of all kinds of things to do with a genie. Hmmm....

I gotta say I'm with Paty, though, and our good buddy Steph. Her attributes are kind of thin, but she's got a couple of drool-worthy hotties on her tail (pun intended). So what if she's not the brightest bulb in the box? She's the cutest. 8^)

Lisa Pulliam said...

Everyone is being so productive! Great job!!! :)

I love the question, Wavy! I'd have to say one of Katie MacAlister's heroines from her dark ones books. Her world is set that the Dark Ones are basically male vampires and are soulless. Each one has a female match in the world who can redeem his soul. They guys aren't evil, just soulless lol. Then there are these 7 steps to joining/soul redemption. The thought of being created for someone and the overwhelming love the man feels for the woman. Sigh, it's so romantic.

Genene said...

Good question, Wavy! I can't think of a heroine I would want to be. I too like my life -- or perhaps I like what it is becoming.

Congratulations, everyone, on your accomplishments. I'm still working on my manuscript -- until the eleventh hour, as they say. But should also have good news soon, as it needs to be sent to my editor ASAP!

And I didn't read this blog until after I wrote the one I am posting for Thursday on ways to be more productive. (Honest I didn't!) With this productive group, I'm looking forward to some great suggestions!