Tuesday, August 14, 2007

To-Do Tuesday: No Excuses Here!

Welcome to To-Do Tuesday! I'd blame pregnancy brain for the late posting, but that excuse is getting rather old. Hmm. Maybe aliens? No, aliens haven't sold in years. How about vampires? Yes, sexy Vampires came and spirited me away, forcing me to write in second person for hours before they finally released me. Much better excuse. What's your excuse today? Be thinking of a good one while you sift through today's slate of news and information.
MWVRWA August Meeting: Put The Spark Back Into Your Writing!

If like me, you've been better lately at coming up with excuses than actually being productive, you NEED this month's meeting. As always, we meet at 7:00 p.m., next Tuesday (NEXT TUESDAY, Lisa & Jen G!) August 21st at Salem Public Library. We welcome new faces, and if you're thinking of joining us, email one of us about joining us for dinner prior to the meeting. Our topic this month features two top-notch speakers.


When you're writing from the heart and for yourself, you can write about anything that excites your fancy. But, when you're writing to sell or are already under contract, how do you find and keep the spark that both drives you to write the story...and makes it come alive for your readers?

That's what short traditional romance author, Susan Lute and paranormal suspense writer, Darla Lukenbaugh will be sharing in their workshop, PUT THE SPARK BACK INTO YOUR WRITING. Come prepared for an interactive discussion that will include; finding your character vision, giving your character mystery, using the Magic "I" to get to the core of your characters desires and motivations, and how to write with enthusiasm.

Next Tuesday, I'll share more about these talented ladies and their impressive publishing history. Come prepared to think/talk about your current WIP! Don't miss this one!
Barbara Cool Lee Takes Third in PNWA Contest

Congrats to Barbara Cool Lee! Her MS, Raven's War took third place in the Science Fiction/Fantasy category in the PNWA's 2007 contest. This is a great achievement as PNWA recieved a record number of entries! Barb's been under the weather, but she's not letting that stop her from racking up a slew of contest successes!
Paty Jager Chats Tonight!

Chapter member Paty Jager, author of two Western historicals, and the recently released contemporary, Perfectly Good Nanny, will be chatting tonight at 5 p.m. Oregon time (8 p.m. Eastern) as part of the Hearts Through History chapter. Check out their website to join the fun!

Even if you're not a Hearts Through History Member, you can still catch Paty in person. Next week, on August 23, Paty will be the featured speaker for the Redmond Writers in Redmond Oregon. She'll be talking about the stages of writing, and her talk is geared towards all levels of writers.

Coming up in October, she'll be addressing RCRW's librarian conference in Central Oregon. These are all great opportunities for Paty, but more importantly, she inspires all of us with her ability to go out and make connections! No excuses here!
Spotlight on Inspirational Authors!

I've heard rumblings that our Inspirational authors are feeling a bit under-represented with Erotic this and Paranormal that every week. Well, I've got great news for you! Author Island has several new Inspirational contests, and has added new Inspirational authors to their line up. When you check out these great chances to win books and other prizes, be sure to check out their August spotlight on Mysteries!
Online Workshop on Inspirational Market

The Southern Magic chapter also recognizes the appeal of the Inspirational market. Their September Online workshop features two multi-published Inspirational authors and covers:
GETTING STARTED AND STAYING STEADY--From First Sale to Multi-Published- -How to develop a successful career in the inspirational market. At $15, this class is also a bargain! Click here for more information.
Paying Short Fiction Opportunities

But, if you DO write Paranormal or Fantasy (I'm sorry, the market's just very hot right now. Hopefully I'll have opportunities for other genres soon!), you'll want to check out these two opportunities to submit your shorter works (both are flexible about length and both welcome new writers):

Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show (5-6 cents per word).
Jim Baen's Universe (6-25 cents per word).

Source: Cindi Myers
E-Publisher Seeking Submissions

Wait! I don't have to make excuses! I DO have an opportunity for other genres of Romance. Light Sword publishing was started by two authors and currently accepts Contemporary, Historical, Romantic Suspense, Women's Fiction, and Paranormal novels.

Source: Cindi Myers
Can This Manuscript Be Saved?

Is there a manuscript under your bed or on your hard drive that you're tired of making excuses about? The Heart of Texas chapter has the perfect workshop for you! Their September Workshop features award-winning author Susan Meir. She'll help you find hidden flaws and breathe new life into that problem manuscript. Click here for more information.
Exercise of the Day: The Perfect Excuse

Been thinking of your excuse? A few years ago, an email forward made the rounds featuring creative excuses for late work. Most of these were fairly simple, but funny. However, we're writers. We don't DO simple. We do creative. After all, we need to perfect the art of having our characters lie convincingly. So, give it your best shot. What's your excuse for not being as productive lately as you'd like? Bonus points for making us laugh!

Remember to keep sending me your news and announcements! No more excuses! Fill my in-box!


Alice Sharpe said...

Wavy -- I could maybe write a funny excuse for not writing, but the fact is I am writing a lot. There isn't time to make excuses, there's just time to get this proposal out of my head and onto paper. When I'm not writing, I'm thinking so when I do get back to writing, I know where to go next in my story. The story is the thing right now. Working out the story.

The only time I make up excuses for not writing is when I don't have a story. I didn't realize that until now, so, thanks?

Someone else will have to walk away with the coveted Wavy Excuse prize.

Thanks also for a great Tuesday blog as always.

Paty Jager said...

Do grandkids count?? I'm in Baker City. I babysat my oldest's girls yesterday and this morning we went hunting for the illusive city of Sumpter history. Would you believe a city dripping with gold mining history like Sumpter has no museum, no library and no place with history before the dredge mills in the early 1900's? I was flabbergasted!! So I am now sitting in the Oregon Room of the Baker City Library getting ready to read through tomes of history books to glean a few constructive tidbits about Sumpter for my next Petticoat book. And get ready for my online chat this evening with the Hearts Through History group.

As for funny excuse why I'm not writing- I'm wrestling with history!

Alice Sharpe said...

Paty--You're researching, that's working, that's writing, doesn't count. Right, Wavy?

Good luck with your chat tonight!!!!

Karen Duvall said...

My excuse is the same old crap. Work. Design work. It's weird how it comes in waves. I'll think I'm getting a good breather between massive projects then bam! Along comes another one.

I just got back from the gym. Spent 20 minutes on the treadmill, ten on the rowing machine and 20 on the stair master cuz I can read while I do that. All this working out doesn't seem to be doing much good, though. I still can't fit into my skinny jeans. Sigh.

I could have been writing instead of being at the gym, but my excuse is that the gym is air conditioned and my house is not. Man, it's blazing hot today!

wavybrains said...

Aaack--I should have been more clear. Good thing this wasn't an assignment. I was thinking of FUNNY excuses--like my bit about the Vampires and seeing how outlandish we could get. Sorry for any confusion!

Thanks for the compliments!

And, wow, you all ARE productive!

Karen--the gym totally counts. I've had great inspiration while working out.

Alice Sharpe said...

Wavy -- Oops, I totally missed the point! Sorry.

Okay, then if that's the case I offer this:

On the way to the computer, I tripped over my elderly dog and fell down the stairs, landing on the rock floor, loosing consciousness for several hours until one of the cats licked my cheek and I awoke to find burglars! Ack! One attacked me with a knife! He cut both my hands before fleeing with a giant sack full of my stuff. Dripping blood, I staggered back up the stairs, determined to write, only to find the damn thieves had burgled away my computer (I write this with a pencil held between my teeth.)

And that's the truth!

Genene said...

Alice, love your "excuse" and glad it's made up!

Sounds like others are being productive.

Guess my excuse for not getting as much writing done as I'd like to is I'm too busy trying to get organized. Lame, I know, and not funny.

I've actually hit the no excuses point and am about to disappear off the face of the earth for the next two weeks while I finish my manuscript. So if I seem to be ignoring e-mails, please know I'll get to them come September 1!