Monday, August 13, 2007

Doing a 180

I think it's my day to e-mail is still on the fritz so I couldn't access the schedule, but I think it's me. If not, feel free to take this puppy down! :) How many bloody times has my e-mail gone MIA? Goodness. If I didn't have so many domains on the account I'd switch hosts. Ugh. Ok, enough complaining.

So, this post is about doing a 180, be it in life, or in writing. I'm heading in the direction of a 180 right now in my life, well kinda. I've decided a few things lately:
  • I'm going to stay at my day job, I had been debating a change of pace, but there are many things I love about this place that will keep me here
  • To save some greenbacks (anyone like that commercial? I'm undecided, anyway...) I've decided to move to the town I work in, which is total opposite from what I wanted a year ago. No more 30 minute commute twice a day and filling my gas tank 1-2 times per week at least. Plus, I found a bigger place that costs quite a bit less. Yay! Assuming my application gets approved, I hate waiting! Plus, there are so many hot college hunks ;) I mean, research for my writing *ahem*.
  • I turned in an application to be a student where I work. I'm trying to decide between getting post-baccalaureate degrees in anthropology and history (there are quite a few archaeology classes in there I can take, yay!). Or doing an interdisciplinary studies degree where I can combine both areas of interest in one degree with less classes. Even if I don't work in these fields, many of my story ideas relate to one or the other, and getting some formal education would make writing them easier, more accurate and fun! Hmm...I wonder if the tuition would be a write-off...haha!
  • I dyed my hair blonde. Kidding! That would be a 180, wouldn't it? I did dye it red a few years ago, not quite the same.

Maybe a 180 is what I need to reboot myself. Redevote myself to things that made me so happy months ago, like writing!

I've also done some 180's in my writing and reading. When I began this journey of romance writing/reading - I was firmly a first person girl, both in my reading tastes and writing. Third person didn't entertain me as much and I sure as heck couldn't write it. Everything naturally came out in first person. Plus, I loved series that followed one person and a lead love interest, but it drags you along for a few books rather than a HEA at the end of book one.

Then I went to nationals last year and grabbed a ton of books to read. Most of them were third person books with HEA wrap-ups. Then I got this book idea that demanded I have POV of both characters, with a HEA ending. Rather than the heroine-focused series I had been working on before.

When I started writing that book, I did it in first person to get the deep-POV then went back through and switched it to third. I was surprised to notice I eventually just started writing third person naturally.

Now, a year later, I rarely read first person books unless it's part of a series I still adore. And the thought of writing first person hasn't even crossed my mind.

Have you made any 180's in life or writing recently? Gone from writing science fiction to historicals? Dyed your hair pink and surgically added a third arm to make typing easier when one hand gets tired?

See you all at the meeting tomorrow!


Alice Sharpe said...

Hey, Lisa, it's always such fun to read your blogs! But the meeting isn't until next week! LOL...

It sounds as though you are making some very positive changes in your life. Hooray for less commuting and/or hunks. Hooray for a bigger place. The dog will like that! Hooray for going back to school and becoming more learned. Hooray for blond hair!


I'm glad you are making changes. I don't know why we all fight change -- I know I do -- but they're good for us.

As for me? Lately? Um, I guess not. I'm trying very hard to write a book and lead a normal life, so that's good, right? I mean I am finally cottoning on to the fact that if I sit here for three hours and get three words that's not the best use of my time, right? So better I should go play and come home and write four words. Ahead of the game all the way around.

I jest. No, things here are about the same though there are changes on the horizon. Meanwhile, I am pulling my eyelashes out because it's easier and less painful than plotting this book.

Can't wait to see what other people say!

Lisa Pulliam said...

Hahahahahhahahaha! Oh my I'm going to be laughing over that one for a while. Thank goodness you told me! Or I would have been sitting there very lonely. I really need to get my e-mail working lol. Well, see you all next week then ;) And I will be at dinner. Where is it? lol. I should probably double check my calendar for the other meeting dates I put down. Especially since I'm the speaker next month, should probably get that date right!

Pulling eyelashes out??? My eyes are watering at the thought. Maybe we need to threaten brass knuckles on your muse. Or maybe bribe her with a spa day! I hear pedis are good for the soul (although I've never let anyone become that intimate with my feet).

I sincerely hope that you will wake up one of these mornings and the plot will be all nicely written out for you because sleep-walking Alice did a very good job! ;)

Elisabeth Naughton said...

Heeeeey. I corner the market on eyelash pulling. Just so we have that clear.

Fun blog, Lisa! with blond hair. Now that's something I'd love to see. I, too, died my hair red a few years ago. But I did it myself and didn't have it professionally done. It was darker at the scalp, lighter at the roots. I looked rather silly (so I fixed it back to blond). Then there's the purple streaks my stylist accidentally put into my hair when I asked for red highlights...that's a whole other story. I came home and my DH said, "I see you went for the punk rocker look."

As for 180's...well, you could say my reading vampire books is a 180 from what I normally read. *grin* I wonder who I have to thank for that? I can't think of any 180s in my own writing I've done aside from contemplating writing about a cop. That's a big 180 for me.

Can't wait to hear everyone else's comments!

Alice Sharpe said...

Okay, I give credit for the eyelash thing to Eli. I borrowed it. Sheesh. Like she cornered the eyelash thing? Like she owns it?

Okay, I am pulling out my....eyebrows.

So there.

Alice Sharpe said...

LIsa -- Thanks for the warm thoughts. I like the image of sleepwalking Alice spending the night writing while I get some shut-eye.

Works for me!

Karen Duvall said...

Eyelash pulling? Eli, I thought it was eyebrows. Well, I pull at my eyelashes now and then, but only when they need it. 8^) I'm seriously thinking of getting eyelash extensions, actually, but I'm a bit concerned about superglue that close to my eyeballs.

180? I like change. I embrace it. When I find myself in a rut, I'll often do something I've never done before just to shake myself up. It works really well. But I haven't done any 180s that I can think of.

Purple highlights, Eli? What a crack-up. And Alice, writing in your sleep? What could be better than that!

Lisa, it sounds like the changes in your life are going to do you good and I think it's fabulous! Doesn't it make you feel alive? Moving is huge, though. I draw the line at moving. That's one of those "permanent" kinds of changes. Not really permanent, but man, it sure feels like it once the boxes are unpacked and you look the mess and say to yourself: "Never again." But I know lots of people who LOVE moving. If they stay anywhere longer than a year, it's too long.

Good luck, Lisa! Great blog. 8^)

wavybrains said...

Wow! What a list of changes! I'm so happy for you. They all sound really positive for you, especially the move. Commuting sucks. I hope you get the new place soon! I can't wait to see pictures of your new fur baby too!

It's funny that you're back to 3rd person, b/c I've recently discovered several good 1st person books--several of them recommended by you!

Elisabeth Naughton said...

oh geez. Did I write "I died my hair"???

See...this is what happens when you have a 2 yr old who you stupidly move to a big bed and then he decides he doesn't want to sleep in it. I havne't been this sleep-deprived since he was a newborn. Scratch that. He was a good sleeper as a newborn. I haven't been this sleep deprived since my oldest was a newborn.

A bleary-eyed elisabeth is sure the correct spelling is "dyed". Or so she hopes.

Who knows.

Elisabeth Naughton said...

It was darker at the scalp, lighter at the roots.

Oh, for the love of all things holy. I should not be allowed near a keyboard.

Just trash all my comments.

Alice Sharpe said...

Eli -- LOL. I had to read "It was darker at the scalp, lighter at the roots." three times before I caught on to what you did. And I don't have an obstinate two year old to blame!

Too funny!

Paty Jager said...

The only 180 I can think of in my life is this promoting thing. I'm actually starting to like the whole idea of talking to people! Who would have thunk it a year ago! Yipes! I'm excited about the talk before the librarians. Now being excited ahead of time and then actually standing or sitting in front of 150 people and talking- That's a whole nuther pail of worms!!!

Congrats on all your 180's, Lisa, they sound like good things for you!

Genene said...

A 180, huh? Guess I did that when I became a reformed chocoholic. I went from eating sweets as my main food group to not eating them at all.

I also made a lot of other positive changes around the time I turned 50.

Love the way you're making bold decisions, Lisa!

And, Eli, I understood what you were saying even with the typos -- guess that's scarier. Maybe my computer should be programmed to ask me to step away from the keyboard when I do that!