Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Watching Fireworks!

No post today! Happy Independence day! For those of you not overwhelmed with BBQ's and sparklers, here's a fun little exercise:

Do your characters have fireworks? Of course they do! Show us the fireworks with as few words as possible--maximum of two lines! Have fun & enjoy your Fourth!


Piper Lee said...

He bent, kissed her, and like a 4th of July sparkler she ignited his blood. There tongues met, mingled. Hot as a Patriotic Power Blast Fountain, passion exploded in his loins and he shot off like a Roman Candle.


Man, I sure do make myself giggle! tee hee hee

Happy Fourth of July!! Hope everyone stayed cool and had a blast!

Alice Sharpe said...

PIPER--Whoa girl, get away from YA and go erotica!

Wish I had it in me to "Sparkler" like you did!


wavybrains said...

I just snorted ice tea across the room. OMG Piper, I adore you!

A single bead of sweat meandered down her back before disappearing into the low swoop of her halter top. He'd trade his strawberry ice cream for one lick of her creamy flesh.


Paty Jager said...

You ladies are hot!

I was too busy putting up hay and too hot in the sun beating down on my poor freckled flesh to think of any kind of fireworks!

Karen Duvall said...

No fireworks for them yet, but she's warming up. 8^) Love that sexual tension. Since my WIP isn't a romance, though it does have strong romantic elements, I've been setting off firecrackers over the past 157 pages, lol! I got 3 pages written yesterday, and a second (crappy) draft of my synopsis done. Had to stop because the Central Oregon heat was melting my brain.