Tuesday, July 17, 2007

To-Do Tuesday: We're Back!

Welcome to this week's To-do Tuesday, where we are celebrating the return of our conference attendees! And for those of us who remained at home last week, we can also celebrate the return to normalcy in the romance writing world. It does seem like our corner of the universe slows to a halt for one week in July!

This conference-slowdown explains why we're light on content this week, but not on quality! We've got some exciting news, some show-and-tell, and a fun question of the day!

Perfectly Good Nanny Arrives This Friday!

Paty Jager's string of 2007 successes just got even sweeter: her contemporary romance, Perfectly Good Nanny, will be available in e-book format starting Friday. The really great news? The hard copy will be available November 2, 2007! This will be Paty's third release, and her first contemporary Western. How cool is that Harry Potter gets to share Paty's release this weekend? J.K. Rowling should be thrilled at the honor! And unlike Harry, Paty has many more adventures in store, with the next installment in her Petticoats series due soon!

Congratulations Paty!
Atteendees Share the RWA Dirt!

Today is our July Meeting. We'll be meeting at 7 p.m. at Salem Public Library. You won't want to miss this one because Alice, Lisa, and Eli are sharing their conference experiences. Come prepared with your questions, and come prepared to laugh as they share their Dallas exploits. Also, Alice will solve the mystery of her own disappearance in Dallas. Remember to bring your donations for the goody bags and raffle baskets at our conference in October! As always, we welcome new faces!

Retreat Recap!

Several chapter members enjoyed a great retreat at Elk Lake in June. Danita Cahill sent two pictures that truly do make you wish you were there!

Thanks for sharing the great photos, Danita!
See Chris York at Comic Con!

Chapter member Chris York will be one of the huge crowd at Comic Con in San Diego this weekend. We wish her the best of luck, and if you happen to be one of the 125,000 attendees, be sure to check out her panel on writing tie-ins. Her book Strategic Reserve is also up for a Scribe award as best YA. Best of luck Chris!

Call for Submissions!

The Futuristic Motherhood Anthology is looking for short stories (maximum 7500 words) that consider the fictional future of motherhood. Writers may use mystery, science fiction, paranormal, fantasy or any sub-genre to address this theme. Deadline for submissions is September 15, 2007. Click here for more information.
Question of the Day: In the Checkout Lane

I ran into the lovely Genene last night at Walmart. I was grubby to a power of 10--stretched out maternity tee, damp matted hair from swimming, flip-flops, and I looked like a pregnant huffer with fruit craving with a cart full of spray paint, cherries, and canned fruit. Genene looked lovely as always, and was way more organized with her shopping than I could ever hope to be. After I got over my mortification, I got to thinking about how much you can learn from someone's grocery cart. So, imagine your character (hero, heroine, or secondary character) is in the checkout lane. What store is it? What's in their cart? Are they in the express lane, or are they loaded to the gills? Do they talk to the people in line? Read magazines? Be as detailed as you can!

Be sure to keep sending me your news and announcements! If you had a productive week, we want to know about it!


Paty Jager said...

Great photos, Danita! Welcome back, conference divas! Don't get lost in the crowd Chris York!

Okay, I'm thinking about my characters, hmm... which one needs to go shopping... One that isn't very well fleshed out or one I know pretty good. (you know I'm cleaning up the spirit book and starting a new Petticoat book) Hmmm... I think I'll go with Aileen the heroine of the next Petticoat book to be written.

Her arm was looped through the basket handle as she walked between the rows of tables covered with every conceivable tool a miner would need. She wasn't after tools today, her children needed fed and clothed. She patted the cloth pouch in her skirt pocket that held the gold she planned to use to purchase the goods.

She stopped at the yard goods and fingered a lovely lace. There was a time she would have been draped in lace and lovely fabrics. She scoffed. No more. That was the past. For now she had to take her children. They deserved everything she could give them. She left the table of fabric and headed to the readymades. Colin needed new trousers and Ciara was outgrowing her shoes.

The door opened. She didn't bother to look. Whoever it was would ignore her just like Mr. Howard, the store owner, was right now. No one talked to the husband killer. Aileen shook her head. If only they knew the truth. He would have killed her and the baby within her had he lived.

Alice Sharpe said...

OOh, Paty, way to get into character.

Have a great trip, Chris. Neat photo, Danita. Elk Lake (?) looks beautiful.

Which person to use? Hmm... I think I'll go for the new heroine I am still fleshing out in my mind. She's just had a baby. Shge's alone, almost hiding. Can't tell the father as he is in meltdown mode. Can't tell her mother because that hoity-toity lady would make demands Luci does not want to meet.

So she's buying herself some kind of soothing tea, the name of which I can't spell. She's buying some chocolates, too, and because money is never an issue with her, it's good chocolate. Dark, satiny. She can feel it melting on her tongue as she picks up the box and settles it in her basket. The baby is asleep, held tightly in one arm, so she has to do everything one handed which means a few almost bumps and disasters.

She picks up diapers, of course, though she won't need additional ones for a few days. Be prepared is her motto. And tissue as she's been crying a lot lately. She ponders the fruit section for quite awhile. Cherries. She loves cherries, but now the sight of them brings back memories of a man she loves, a man who no longer figures in her life, as lost as if he'd been the one to die that rainy night and not the fifteen year old kid he shot and killed. She turns away from the cherries, sets the basket down near the exit and leaves the store. She'll try again tomorrow...

Thanks Wavy, that was fun and actually helpful!


Karen Duvall said...

Chalice sped right on past the produce section and headed directly to the chips and cookies aisle. Yeah, baby. Carbs. Bring 'em on!

She grabbed a box of Sugar Crunch'ems and flipped it over to read the back. Lots of preservatives and artificial everything. Hardly even a food a all. Nice. She dumped it in her cart, following it with another box, and moved along to the next tasty toxin on the shelf.

Her metabolism would burst through this mountain of calories and fat in a hummingbird's heartbeat so she needed to stock up. The next few days of hunting down and stealing cursed artifacts in Yemen required extra energy. To keep her weight up to ninety-eight pounds, she'd have to double her caloric intake to at least 6000. She inspected the nutrition label on a box of Twinkies and put it back. Too healthy.

These individually wrapped snacks were the perfect size to cram into her back pack. Empty calories weren't heavy, so she'd be able to lug around a week's work with no problem.

At the check-out, the middle-aged cashier frowned and gave her puzzled looks as she rang up each item. Holding a bag of pork rinds, she looked at Chalice and said, "Honey, you should be watchin' what you're eatin.' You may be no bigger than a bed bug, but there's lots a other health risks for eatin' this kind of junk."

Chalice leaned over the counter, her eyes burning. She checked the cashier's name badge. "Mabel, Honey. There's more risks to my health in a day's work than what I put in my mouth." She grabbed Mabel by the collar of her uniform and tugged her close, smelling the woman's cheap lavendar perfume and the garden dirt she hadn't cleaned from around her neck. "You do your job, and I'll do mine." She let the woman go.

Mabel didn't say another word, but she scanned the rest of Chalice's groceries so fast that a few freebies made it into the grocery bags.

"Thanks," Chalice said as she handed the woman a fistful of bills. "Keep the change."

Anonymous said...

Once again a nice job on the Tuesday blog Wavy. Thanks to Danita for the photos of the retreat. That was a beautiful lake and the scenery was fabulous.

Congrats Paty on your ebook coming up and I'm anxious to get my copy of the print version!

I love your next heroines name, Aileen, Paty. I have five pages of a Medieval romance I started about a year ago and the heroine's name is Aileen, the hero is Tristan. But I've not done anything with it since those five pages. Smack me. Still, I love the name Aileen.


What would my character have in a grocery cart? I don't have a lot of time to do this today so I'm going to be quick.

A round loaf of crusty bread, an eel from the fish monger's wife, cucumbers, for quaint cucumber sandwiches, a few apples, a loaf of cheese, some ham and hen's eggs.

Boring. But they ate a lot of weird crap in the 1800's that I don't want to list. :)

Anonymous said...

Loved how you presented your ideas Paty, Alice, and Karen. Very intriguing, all of you!

Alice Sharpe said...

LOL, Karen, that was great.

(Poor Mabel.)


Karen Duvall said...

Phew! I'm running around this morning, trying to make deadlines and meetings. Shouldn't have spent so much time writing my little shopping scene, but I was getting into it! I've been in writing mode ever since the retreat (thanks for posting the pictures, Danita) and it's conflicting with all the other stuff I have going.

Great Tuesday blog, Wavy! Congrats, Paty, on the new release. Welcome back, conference-goers. And good luck, Chris, and ComicCon. Sounds fun!

Danita Cahill said...

Thanks everyone, on the photo compliments. my sister-in-law took the group shot.

And yes, Alice, it's Elk Lake.

It would be a blast to go to San Fran next year. I hope I can swing it.

Wavy, I like how you compared Paty's new release to JK Rowlins. Cool. Congrats, Paty!

And Chris, have fun with the crowd!

wavybrains said...

Paty--love all the details! Great job!

Alice--Your heroine sounds intriguing. Can't wait to read more about her. Is the baby a central part of the book? I remember an early post of yours about babies & bruises--and how both are difficult to keep track of.

Karen--I hate your character already. But in a good way. There's something wonderful about living vicariously through a character who can eat whatever she wants. Kinda like watching an episode of Gilmore Girls. Also, your heroine is wound tight, and it's always fun to watch those heroines unwind!

Piper--Are we sure your character isn't pregnant? Cause I wouldn't eat eel even if it was the 1800s! Great assortment of items!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the good wishes, everyone!

One minor correction, though. ComicCon is in San Diego. So if anyone is that far south....

And if (by some MIRACLE) I actually win, you'll probably be able to hear the screaming all the way up here *BG*

See y'all when I get back!!

Chris York

wavybrains said...

I changed it to San Diego--Thanks Chris! Good luck! And we hope to hear you scream!