Tuesday, July 10, 2007

To-Do Tuesday: Nationals or Bust

Welcome to this week's To-Do Tuesday! My apologies for the late post. My passenger has been most uncooperative the past two days. I'm thinking s/he is on heat strike. I hope that the rest of you are keeping cool and productive!

But even if you're not, never fear, I've got a refreshing slate of news and information that's guaranteed to take your mind off the weather and get you motivated to get back to sweating over the keys! Thanks to Eli, I've got a particularly inspiring question of the day, so be sure to scroll down for that!
Good luck at Nationals! Full Report at Next Week's Meeting!

Chapter members Alice Sharpe, Elisabeth Naughton, and Lisa Pulliam are flying out today for their slumber party . . . otherwise known as NATIONALS! I believe chapter member Terry McLaughlin and a few others will also be there. And of course, chapter member Lisa Jackson is one of the key note speakers! As most of you know by now, Eli is a Golden Heart finalist, and Terry is up for a RITA, so send them all the good luck, good vibes, and good prayers you can muster on Saturday! I know I'll be hoping for TWO good headlines next week!

At our meeting next week (Tuesday, 7:00 p.m. at Salem Public Library), Alice, Eli and Lisa will be sharing their conference experiences. And if their tales are anywhere near as entertaining as last year's, you won't want to miss this!

And, if like me, you're feeling down about not going, it's not too early to make plans for San Francisco! Our chapter had a huge contingent at Reno, let's try to do it again!
Jenni Gilliam Finishes Revisions

Chapter member Jenni Gilliam met her goal of turning her category MS into a ST, and finished an extensive round of revisions last week! She turned out a 94,000 word MS that she's really proud of, and now she's on to her next goal: revision of a second MS! Way to go Jenni! Your dedication to editing this summer inspires the rest of us to polish and perfect!
Chapter Members Enjoy Productive Week

From rumblings around the loop and the web, it seems that Eli, Karen, Paty, Jenni, and Bethany are all having a productive July. Paty and Jenni have been on fire getting things done, the end of Eli's WIP is in sight, Karen had a productive weekend, and Bethany reached 85,000 words in her WIP over the weekend. Did you have a productive week? We celebrate you too! Be sure to share your good news with the rest of us! And remember to email me when you meet a personal goal!
Synopsis Contest

Tired of those contests that require a synopsis but note that it won't be judged? After all, the query letter and synopsis are often all an editor/agent sees of our masterpieces! The Maine Chapter has a contest that reflects the importance of the synopsis! The Synopsis is Not a Four Letter Word Contest allows you to enter your synopsis (up to 12 pages!) for the low entry fee of $20! The September 1st deadline allows you plenty of time to polish your synopsis! For more information, click here.
Synopsis Online Workshop

Does your synopsis need more work before you send it out to the Maine Contest (or to Editors and Agents)? With perfect timing, "Honey I Shrunk My Book: How to Write the Short Synopsis" will be offered in August. Offered by Southern Tier Authors of Romance (STAR) and taught by Ginger Hanson, this class lasts four weeks and is only $15 for RWA members. For more info, click here.
Question of the Day: Do You Want It?

In the midst of packing for Nationals, Eli forwarded me this essay by author Stephanie Tyler. Tyler asks, "Do you Want It?" Her passionate answer to this question should be required reading for all of us, regardless of where we are on the journey. I haven't been able to get this piece out of my head since reading it last night, and it even haunted my dreams. Now, go read it, then return. We'll wait.

Read it? Good. Do you want it? I thought I knew the answer to this question. In fact, in the Winter, I would have been nodding in agreement with Tyler's essay instead of hanging my head in shame. Clearly, in the last several months, I've simply wanted other things MORE than writing. If someone asked, I'd still say, "Of course I want it!" But, my actions have shown otherwise. For me, it all comes down to self-talk, and my self-talk for the last few months has been a laundry list of excuses and doubts that combined to shove writing out of my life. Of course, it's okay to want some things more than writing success, or to simply define writing success differently. What does wanting it mean to you? Have you always wanted it? Have your priorities shifted over time? Do your actions currently line up with your desire?

And finally, did you consider signing up for Alison Kent's Challenge? Who's brave enough to tackle the 70 days of sweat? I have a phobia about starting new WIPs while a WIP remains to be finished, so I'm not committing to 70,000 words, but I am committing to the 4-6 pages a day (roughly 1500 words) until my current WIP is done. Then I commit to editing 8-12 pages a day. Are you ready to re-commit to wanting it? Share your personal goals here!

Remember to keep sending me your news! And with Eli gone this week, please let me know if you experience blogging difficulties!


Alice Sharpe said...

Hey Bethany, I'm sitting here at the Portland airport waiting for Eli and Lisa to showup so I read you always fun blog.Iloved the essay on "Do you want it." Wish I'd said that, butofcourse I feel that way and I know many of you do,too.I also know that there are levels of desire and there are times in life when other priorities interfere -- pregnancy would be one of them, geez, eye roll. But it's true. If you have talent, if you have drive, and if you give it yourn all, it will happen!

They're here!


wavybrains said...

OMG Look at Alice mobile blogging! And thanks for the compliment! Good luck ladies!!!!!!

Paty Jager said...

Cool Alice! Can you teach me how to do that! LOL

Okay, I think you know my answer, Yes, I want it! I have from the moment I started writing historical romance. It has been a driving force with me to see a book on a shelf with my name on it.

That's why I wrote in the mornings when the kids were in school, and why I pushed myself to get connected with RWA and do contests and learn. I want it!

Thanks for a great blog once again Wavy!

Anonymous said...

Ya know, I really hate it when I hit the wrong keys. I replied to this post and hit the darn delete key instead. ARGH!!!

Anyway, the former went something like this...

No, I don't want it. Ack! Don't flog me with those wet noodles! I'm happy just dabbling in writing for now. I'm happy to support those of you who do want it though. YOU GO GIRLS!

Danita Cahill said...

Alice, you are such a stud. Mobile blogging -- cool for you.

Wavy, another excellent Tues. post. And that essay by Steph was very inspiring. If she can write all those books while raising a special needs child and suffering migraines, then we can all do it too. Wow.

And Piper, that's okay. If you don't want it, then you're not going to get it. And that's okay. You have other priorities right now. Just know you have the voice to get it when you're good and ready!